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Interactive, social website launches to track, report, provide forum about STRs

Fight back at Short-Term Rental Watch (www.strwatch.com)

NOVEMBER 21, 2017 – An interactive website designed to gather and display data about short-term vacation rentals in communities while bringing together citizens suffering from the negative impacts of exploding numbers of vacation lodging businesses in their residential neighborhoods has been launched.

Short-Term Rental Watch (www.strwatch.com) will allow users to enter information about STRs near them. Then, users can add photos, comments and information about the STRs. The database that will be built promises to be one of the most complete anywhere since online vacation rental platforms have made it part of their business plans to deny access to key data, such as the actual of their rentals.

Using public data provided by the City of San Diego, Short-Term Rental Watch already lists addresses, ownership information and other data about more than 3,000 San Diego STRs. While this is only a fraction of the total number of whole-home rentals operating in San Diego, the database is expected to grow quickly as impacted neighbors of these lodging businesses enter STRs not registered with the City.

Short-Term Rental Watch will allow users to:

  • View maps that pinpoint where vacation rentals are. The maps can be expanded to street level detail. A click on the listing displayed on the map will bring up information about the rental.
  • Post photos and videos of problems caused by STRs.
  • Check on and list events related to vacation rentals, such as town halls and council meetings, which are coming up in your area.
  • Get links to proposed ordinances and other documents related to vacation rentals.
  • Join in forums that will discuss problems arising from STRs and share solutions from around the world.

This website provides a place that will bring a convergence of people who have been impacted by the explosive growth of short-term rentals. In many cities, neighbors of STRs and others could only watch and protest as their communities have been destroyed by vacation rentals. STR Watch gives these victims a voice and tools with which to begin fighting back.

Among those victims are thousands of long-term renters whose leases are not being renewed or whose rents are dramatically rising as landlords displace them to convert properties to STRs. Additionally, families are finding themselves priced out of increasingly pricey housing markets as conversions to STRs remove precious homes from the re-sale market.

To join STR Watch, go to www.strwatch.com, sign up as a new user and begin using the interactive tools on the site. Report neighboring STRs. Encourage your neighbors to join. Add your voice to forums, or simply ask questions about what others have done to fight back against STRs.

STR Watch is your platform to fight back to protect your community from becoming a revolving door of strangers, rather than a thriving neighborhood of residents.  Residents need homes.  Communities, employers, churches, youth sports and schools need residents.

No one wants to see families pushed out of neighborhoods to make room for mini-hotels, but that is what many more and more communities experience every day.

Please check out STR Watch and join us in the effort to keep residential neighborhoods what they were intended to be – places for homes, families, and residents.